U-Pick Lavender, Sunflowers and Tomatoes!

Will be available Mid-August 2018. We've planted over 30 varieties of sunflowers this year. Most are a beautiful cut-size variety, but we also planted some Mammoth sizes for fun! The sunflowers are shorter than normal this year due to the hot dry weather. They will be perfect for bouquets and easy to reach.
Heirloom tomatoes available for U-Pick late August! We have 12 varieties available! Perfect for eating, slicing and canning!
U-Pick Lavender Postponed. Done for the year. Visit us in 2019!



Large quantities of flowers can be reserved for weddings and events. please contact us for more information.


Lavender will we priced at $5 a bunch. A bunch is considered the amount you can fasten in the provided 6 inch twist tie. After parking, please stop by the white tent to gather scissors, twist ties and a basket for your picking convenience. When picking, avoid cutting into the woody area of the plant. 

U-Pick Heirloom tomatoes will be sold by the pound.


Sunflowers are $1.00 a flower or 6 for $5. You will find garden shears in the self-serve station. Sunflower picking is based on the honor system. Please leave cash in the box and return shears after use. Your honesty helps us keep prices low.