Being a photographer myself, I understand the appeal that a flower meadow setting might bring to your work.


Anyone who is picking flowers is welcome to take as many photos as they'd like. In fact, we encourage you to share photos of your visit on social media!


Professional Photographers: If you are meeting clients for paid photo sessions, we ask for a $30 donation per full session. If you are doing mini sessions, we ask that you approximate how many mini sessions would equate one of your normal sessions and donate accordingly. We're pretty relaxed and work on the honor system.


You are welcome to be in the field as long as we are open, 11 am - sunset, however we cannot offer exclusive sessions at this time. (In other words, other people might be in the field picking during your shoot.) Weekdays are less busy.

Be sure to check our Facebook Page and the "Daily Picking" board above for flower updates. We can approximate peak bloom time, but nature often works on her own schedule. So check back often.


If you have any questions feel free to contacts us below.